Callum Anderson

Callum Anderson

DOB: 25/04/1970

How many years have you been paddling? 28years

Discipline: Mainly hucking the creeks, but love the freestyle too.

Most embarrassing moment?: Man I could write a book, but it would probably be when I was out in Germany with the army biathlon team. Went for a night out and woke in some freezing gondola station, not a clue where I was. Turned out I’d ended up in Austria, no passport and the army had a search party out for me. Not cool!

Living now: Spean Bridge

Hometown: Fort William

Celebrity crush?: I’ve always had a thing for Louise Rednap and Shaun the sheep.

Favourite tune?: “Business time” by flight of the conchords. Or anything that’ll get my old bones rattling around the dance floor.

Biggest influence in your life?: RAIN!

Achievements: I grew a beard once while paddling the Grand Canyon, won the original Ettive race back before the wheel was invented and managed somehow to create 2 small humans.

Favourite Paddling Spot: Right in the middle of my drop zone……..on the Nevis (so much bang for your buck) Norway is awesome too, not as easy to get to though!

What’s Next For You?: More of the same hopefully, there’s still some wee burns to be discovered up north and I really want to go paddling somewhere warm soooooon!! A bit of boarding this winter and I’m looking forward to trying some more board surfing in the spring. Anything that’ll get me out into this awesome play ground.

Best Boating Moment: Hopefully still to come! But I’m with Dave on this one, it’s always with mates after you’ve just paddled something on the edge and gotten away with it. Recently going over one of the big drops at Inchree in high flow, supper soft landing still got a massive grin on my face.

Words to live by?: “You’ll never be as young as you are right now, enjoy your youth!”

Thomas Findlay

Thomas Findlay

Name: Thomas Findlay

DOB: 29.05.1996

Discipline: White water

Most embarrassing moment: I am too young for embarrassing moments when they happen I will inform everyone or keep it quiet ;)

How many years paddling? 4 Years

Living now: Morecambe, England

Home town: Kilmacome, Scotland

Favourite tune? I don’t really have I favourite song really, I enjoy most music.

Biggest influence in your life? Definitely my friends and family are big influence in my life and also my passion for paddling. However climbing and kitesurfing are also a big influence in my life I love adventure.

What’s Next For You? This is a great question. I want to keep exploring new rivers and places, and I want to develop my paddling abilities as much as I can. I want to push on harder and keep working on my creeking skills. I would also like to work on my freestyle skills and enter more competitions. There are lots of other things I would like to try, for example I would like to try my hand at C1, and slalom for variety, technique, and fitness. I would love to do all this as part of the Big Dog Team.

Best Boating Moment: Most days are great on the water but the two that sticks out in my head was my first two trips to Scotland. My first was to the Moriston where I meet, Bob Mckee. It was a great day with some of best people I know. And the second was with one of the biggest groups Ive paddled with yet but also some of the influence people in my paddling. We woke up right next to the Etive which was on a great level. With some great lines and some carnage with a group of 14 it was one of the greatest days paddling yet for me.

Words to live by? “Live the life you love. Love the life you live.”

Tom Concannon

Tom Concannon

Name: Tom Concannon

DOB: 20/09/1988

How many years have you been paddling? 6

Discipline: White Water

Most embarrassing moment?: Autobahn crash into £70,000 Merc on way to Alps! Horrible place to drive a slow van!

Living now: Liverpool

Hometown: Salford

Celebrity crush?: Dawn French

Favorite tune?: A Certain Romance (Arctic Monkeys)

Biggest influence in your life?: My Dad’s bank account has been pretty helpful in the past and the infamous Johnny Bigtime!

Achievements: Becoming part of the 2005 National Bell Boat Championship winning team! Serious stuff!

Favorite Paddling Spot: Lots of favorites but the Rio Micos (Mexico), Little River Canyon (Alabama) and the Dalaman (Turkey) have to be three that stand out amongst the rest. The Fairy Glen or Aberglaslyn Gorge are up there for British favourites.

What’s Next For You?: Just finishing Uni in Liverpool so hopefully a bit of travelling, as much paddling as possible and deciding what I am going to do with my life. See what happens!

Best Boating Moment: Probably my first taste of waterfall running on a trip to Mexico in 2008. Beautiful rivers, amazing paddling and tequila!

Words to live by?: ‘Wear Sunscreen’

Bob Mckee

Bob Mckee

Name: Bob Mckee

DOB: 12//10/76

How many years have you been paddling?: 25 years +

Discipline: The one true discipline OC1

Most embarrassing moment?: Everyday is filled with embarrassment for me

Living now: Water! (Lancashire)

Hometown: Kilrea (Northern Ireland)

Celebrity crush?: At my age every time you turn on the TV you fall in love

Favorite tune?: Whatever the “youth” tell me is good I’m sure to like it. Ha!

Biggest influence in your life?: Kebabs / Sourcing kebabs

Achievements: In a life full of highlights it’s hard to say

Favorite Paddling Spot: I’ve had a lot of fun in Veracruz, Mexico

What’s Next For You?: Hopefully more boating in places hotter than here

Best Boating Moment: That’s hard too answer, having a laugh with mates on the river is always sweet

Words to live by?: Large donner, everything on please



Hazel Wilson

Hazel Wilson

Name: Hazel Wilson

DOB: 07.08.81

How many years have you been paddling?: Very possibly as many as 19!

Discipline: Anything with a paddle… but mostly squirt boating and river running these days.

Most embarrassing moment?: There are so many.. I’m quite clumsy and generally good at putting my foot in it, that it takes a lot to embarrass me these days.

Living now: Cornwall

Hometown: Milton Keynes

Celebrity crush?: Um, I’m sorry, have I travelled back in time to become a teenager again?

Favorite tune?: Don’t have one… but nothing beats a bit of Dolly Parton.

Biggest influence in your life?: Definitely my friends and family

Achievements: Silver medalist in ladies squirt boating back in the day,

Favorite Paddling Spot: Anywhere on the Italian/Swiss boarder when the sun is out. Happy Days.

What’s Next For You?: Taking over the World, watch this space Pinky.

Best Boating Moment: still to come I think…

Words to live by?: Nothing is impossible. If you don’t want to do it you’ll find and excuse, if you want to do it, you’ll find a way.




Tobias Hüther

Tobias Hüther

DOB: April 28th 1976

How many years have you been paddling?: 26

Discipline: C1, OC1 Freestyle/Whitewater

Most embarrassing moment?: There is nothing that could be embarrassing for me ;)

Living now: In one of the best Towns in Germany to do whitewatercanoe and alpine sports and there others make vacancies – Munich

Hometown: Saarbrücken (southwest of Germany, close to France)

Celebrity crush?: My pretty new Big Dog Force OC1

Favorite tune?: Changes and depends on the mood…but mostly I like classic rocking tunes

Biggest influence in your life?: My passion for paddling, meanwhile standup-paddling and wavesurfing as well and climbing and snowboarding too

Achievements: Living and working in Munich and to have everyday the possibility to live out my sporting passions; qualifications and participations at several worldchampionships all over the world and competing in the finals, three time german champion in OC1, running the Munich-Marathon a few years ago, having good, mostly paddling friends worldwide and a beautyful girlfriend

Favorite Paddling Spot: There are a few, depending on the water levels and money to get to as well…in Europe the best wave i paddled was the Reichenbacher at summer-highwater two years ago (R. i. P.), and still the big waves on the Doubs, the best hole i reach in less than two hours – Plattling; i remember like it was yesterday the waves around Montreal (Lachine, Habitat) too. the best creeking spots in Europe i ve found in Ticino (Ribo) and Corse (Codi, Rizzanese), in Canada i remember the Rougeriver!

What’s Next For You?: Looking forward to my first Big Dog Team Tour in Italy (Piemont) and first time creeking in an OC 1 – Force – ; after that i gonna compete in Lienz at the European Championships in the OC1.

Best Boating Moment: There are also a few…not comparable…such as the participation at worldchampionships in Australia, Canada, Switzerland and Germany, first waterfall drops like the Ribofall and Rizzenese together with friends.

Words to live by?: Stress is not an option as long as the sky is blue and the rivers keep flowing down

Dave Biggin

Dave Biggin

How many years have you been paddling?: 7-8

Discipline: Is for monks

Most embarrassing moment? When the Scots lost to the English in the Morriston River Race in 2012. We’ll get em next year boys!

Living now: Fort William

Hometown: Fort William

Celebrity crush?: I’m in awe of David Attenborough. Does that count?

Favorite tune?: “Ello” by WayBeyond.

Biggest influence in your life?: I get under the influence when there’s a crowded room full of people I know. I go properly mental.

Achievements: I got a “2” for standard grade french and I won the Methven Big Air (skiing) in New Zealand in 2003 while high on about 10 cans of Red Bull..

Favorite Paddling Spot: The Nevis.

What’s Next For You?: Thats a pretty big question! Hopefully whats next for me is to get more time on the water and more time on the snow, more time in the mountains, rivers, waves, tracks and air, more time on the dancefloor creating embarressing moments, and much much more time with friends.

Best Boating Moment: My favourite boating moments are always those ones with your mates when you’re on the edge of things going completely tits up but just got away with it. I love being at the bottom of something sketchy, having only JUST made it, looking up and saying, “it’s fine”, then a big thumbs up and a smile, followed by heckling. Dead Sheep on the Nevis does that on every single run- its great cause its totally safe.

Words to live by?: Umm…. “Oh oh sometimes I get a good feeling”. Cause its true. Sometimes I do.

Giles Chater

Giles Chater

How many years have you been paddling? 7 years

Discipline: WW Kayak and Trad Open Boat

Living now: Stirling, Sunny Scotland

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Celebrity crush?: I traded in crushes for a wife! Mighty fine decision.

Favorite tune?: I do have a certain soft spot for a bit of Coolio, Gangsters Paradise.

Biggest influence in your life?: Lamb Jalfrezi…

Achievements: I can remain calm whilst discussing British politics

Favorite Paddling Spot: Kenya, though the Etive will remain my happy place.

What’s Next For You?: Exploring far flung destinations of late has challenged me to push the envelope more in my own back yard. There is so much still to do within Scotland. Stepping up my game and trying to really showcase some great Scottish white water is definitely whats getting me excited at the moment. Please let it rain!

Best Boating Moment: Fukiware Gorge, Japan, some stunning drops in a truly surreal location, made better by managing to avoid arrest upon completion.

Words to live by?: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing, half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” Ratty, Wind in the Willows