Wet West Paddle Fest by Little Tom

Paddler and Writer: Tom Findlay

The Wet West Paddlefest, a tribute to a legend in Scottish paddling, Andy Jackson, was now in it’s 8th year. The guaranteed dam releases on the Moriston and Garry rivers makes it a weekend that is hard to resist, and explains the familiar faces stumbling around the party from all over the country. This year there was loads of rain forecast, and it was clear that it wouldn’t just be dam releases on offer. We headed up on the Friday and we were able to find time to squeeze in some of Scotland’s most famous classics.

Paddler: Jack Winder

There were three cars heading to the festival this year because the Big Dog Van was in Cardiff. Jack was part of our group and it was his first time in Scotland. The Etive was our first stop. While we showed Jack the line on Triple Step, a Uni group hit the drop at full carnage levels.

The Etive never fails to put a smile on my face; the moves, the drops and the scenery are amazing. It was getting late when we got off and headed straight for Dave Biggin and Joanne Mackin’s, who were amazing hosts for the weekend. Friday’s party was quite quiet, however it was this one of the funniest nights I have had in a while.

Jumper: Dave Biggin           —           Paddler: Matthew Morrison 

Saturday was a late start and we decided to head for the Nevis on the way to the Moriston. For most of the group it was their first or second time on the river so we were all pleased to be able to get on. It was a great day with some technical moves like Dead Sheep and then super fun moves and drops like Polldubh falls which the whole group couldn’t resist doing multiple laps down. It was also great to get to paddle with Dave and Joanne themselves. After a number of laps on the lower drop we headed to the Moriston, but we got stuck in traffic and only managed two laps of the upper and one of the lower.

Paddler: Tom Concannon

Sunday started even later as we didn’t get in until around 2am. After a heavy shower during the night we were hoping the Fassfern would be going but unfortunately it had dropped off quickly. So we headed back to the Etive and it was a little higher than on the Friday which changed the river a lot.

Another great Scotland trip and I have no doubt I’ll be back at the WWPF next year.

A big Thank you to Jo and Dave for having us.

Little Tom