Wave-God River Doubs

Almost regularly every year around the Christmas Days there is a rainy period that let – together with the first snowfalls of the winter – the water levels of the Doubs-River in middle-east of France and its inflows. The same lucky phenomenon we have in the black forrest in south west of Germany too.

But to catch one of several big waves on the Doubs you have to be quick and to hurry to get there, because normally after three oder four days the water is gone already.



For me and the most of german big-wave-junkies that means to get off work and to drive around 600 km to France in about eight hours – mostly in a night-trip.


For me – this pre-christmastime – it was exactly like that again…but just because I had no one who wanted to join because one had to work, another didnt like the very high and scary waterlevel and other excuses. So I felt uncomfortable first and unsure, wether to go or not

– but – finally i got a call of my friend Bene Sommerauer, who had time for two days – and i started around midnight to pick him up in Karlsruhe three hours later and to arrive at the well poured (around 800 cubic – the best for the so calles LaMalate Wave is around 500 cubic) River Doubs after three more hours.


Another three hours later and another 80 kilometer searching-for-the-best-or-the-unscariest-wave-trip, we decided to get on one – for us – unknown wave so far, 20 km upriver of the LaMalate Wave, that wasn t a wave anymore, but a big hungry hole.

And for me – a rightside-paddler in my Big Dog Kaos C1 – it was the perfect wave on this awesome, sunny and even warm (15 degrees) day.


That wave wasn‘t too big and smooth to ride on and to do all kinds of wave moves. Only the airtime was not comparable with the big LaMalate Wave. And we just had that wave for us and got out of the water not before the sun had sunburnded our smiling faces and set down behind the hills of the french Jura mountains.


For me it was the first time too, i had a real wave-practice in my new Kaos C1. Before –  i thought, that Boat is not really good shaped for wave-moves, but in that big wave, it was smooth like the wave itself to controle, set up, getting air and staying in the wave after blunting and donkey fliping. Good Job Big Dog!!