No water or too much water and lots of talking

We had just got back from another great Scotland trip and with the news that there was rain forecasted and lots of it we were excited and arranged to meet at the shop for 5.30 the next day. Myself, Dan and Tom meet Lee and Ewart at the shop and after looking at the Environment agency website as well as rain chasers water gauges and some discussions we had decided where to go. We were surprised that nothing was going in the Lakes so we decided to head for the Swale as it rises quickly and with it being on a 0.78, a nice medium level great for an evening. We thought that would be the best choice. However when myself and Tom arrived at the get out we realised that the gauges aren’t always right. After looking at Wain Wath and deciding straight away that it was huge! We jump in the car a drove to Rainby to check what the gauge was on and to look at the line. It was on a 1.75, that’s big! But it has been run bigger! We drove back to the top and everyone else had just arrived and they were getting really excited. Sam Clegg joined us a little later, another great friend of all of ours. After another discussion, three members of the group were happy to get on but three weren’t.

We discussed where we could head to but it seemed all the water that had fallen was in the Swaledale valley. We thought about paddling the beck that runs into the Swale, Whitsundale Beck. We had heard some of the locals struggle to get this at the right height but it looked perfected, however some of the group wasn’t too sure about it as they had looked at it when it was really low.

So we went to look at a project Clegg said he had seen from the road before. But with the night drawing in we thought that we should leave this for another day. We decided after more talking and driving we would head to the Upper Clough. It was about 8.30 by the time we got on the river. Levels weren’t the best but it was enough to have a good evening on the water and I was able to get Lemmings fall done, a small drop I have wanted to do for a while. Another great day on the water with everyone, with some great lines and a great vibe.

Many thanks to everyone who has improved and supported my paddling.

Catch you Soon

Tom Findlay